Snow Plowing

Winter time is coming up, and for people all over New Jersey, that means that snow is coming, too. New Jersey’s wintery weather often leaves homeowners with as much as 8 inches of snow on their front lawns. Snow removal can be tough, time consuming, and an overall pain to deal with, so why not let us take shovel the snow for you?

Our snow removal is fast, inexpensive, and always done with the goal of complete customer satisfaction. Whether you have a small driveway you need to have cleaned, or an entire parking lot that needs to be snow-free, we will have the right price and the right service for you. Best of all, we can shovel your snow the same day that we receive your call. You can have a driveable parking lot within hours, so call us as soon as you can.

Ice can be a major winter threat for homeowners and business owners alike. Unlike snow, which is readily visible to drivers and people who happen to be walking by, ice can be hard to see under certain conditions. Also unlike snow, ice is a lot more adhesive to pavement and can be difficult to remove without the right tools.

Ice is dangerous for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason why ice is a danger to company owners and homeowners is because it increases the chance of a person slipping and falling. Under the wrong circumstances, this can lead to a broken bones and possibly a lawsuit. When a car drives on an icy driveway, chances of the car getting into an accident increase significantly as well.

Needless to say, you need to remove any ice you have from your driveway, sidewalks, and pathways before someone gets hurt. We can remove the ice quickly, safely, and inexpensively within a day of receiving your call. Don’t be one of the many who learn the dangers of an icy driveway the hard way – call us today!